Dr. Ed Ballew.Soldier of the Cross

 What Will You Do In That Solemn Day?  
This Message is Powerful. If You Know Someone Lost. Try to Get Them To Watch. 

This is from the Jubliee at Way of the Cross Baptist Church in 1988, Bro.Burman Cape
had just preached and testified, My grandfather was next, he testified and the sweet
spirit of the Lord was there that day at the end of the video, my grandfather had Bro. Burman
come to the front, Its hard to believe when watching this video they are both in Heaven now, But 
what a time they must be having.  

This is a video when my grandfather preached at Crown Bible College in a  Chapel Service on 
Feb 25, 2004 where Dr. Clarence Sexton is President and Founder. My Grandfather preached on 
The Devil Wants To Tie You Up  

This message gets a little dark in the video but still very watchable, it is a 
must listen message on Obedience and will challenge us all.

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